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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 3:15 am
by simass
Don't be tempted to believe the product is good just because you love it. Dynamics to apply design thinking now that you know what the stages of design thinking are, b2c email list we will share examples of dynamics to apply in each phase. Stage – empathize user profile. The creation of user profiles b2c email list consists of preparing a file for each participant, which must have a simple description of the habits and needs that potential users of the product might have. What, how and why? The teams have to photograph scenes that can provide information about the development of the product.

Then they b2c email list will share the photos among themselves and must describe what they see, how they do it and why they are doing it. With this dynamic, observation is exercised, moving from the b2c email list concrete to the emotional, and suppositions are reached that have to be contrasted with the opinions of b2c email list the users. The customer journey or customer experience map. In this map it is necessary to define the activities that the user carries out b2c email list with the product or service. The customer journey can have many variants, with activities positioned according to the degree of customer satisfaction.


In out. It is b2c email list an excellent dynamic for decision making. All items to be agreed upon must be written on a sticky note. Then, in a dialogue between the team members, it is decided whether the element falls in or out of the objectives. Stage – define how could we…? The objective of this dynamic is b2c email list to define key questions that facilitate interaction and that are the link between the revelations and the generation of ideas. If in the empathy phase, for example, we find the following revelation: “adults today spend minutes eating breakfast”, one question we could ask is: “how can we offer a product that can be consumed in minutes?” the possible answers will help build an innovative idea.